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'Guantanamo's Child' in Utrecht

May 02, 2016
In May, MtM On Tour presents: 'Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr'. Tonight you can go see the documentary in Louis Hartlooper Complex, Utrecht at 19.00 hrs. After the screening a debate will take place.When he was fifteen years old Omar Khadr was captured by American soldiers and locked ...

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Colombia - 3rd International Human Rights Film Festival

May 01, 2016
The Colombian human rights film festival in Bogotá, Festival Internacional De Cine Por Los Derechos Humanos, will launch its 3rd edition in May 2016. The organisers want to show, discuss and distribute the important work of filmmakers and human rights activists. During ...

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Release 'Der Staat Gegen Fritz Bauer'

April 28, 2016
Intriguing biography about courageous attorney-general Fritz Bauer, who has little faith in the legal system of post-war Germany in the early 1960s. That is why he decides to call in the help of Israeli secret service the Mossad, in his search for Adolf Eichmann, the top Nazi war ...

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'Mustang' in Expats Cinema @Lab111

April 26, 2016
Tonight at 20.30 hrs you can go see Mustang with English subtitles at Expats Cinema in Lab111. Every month on a thursday evening Expats Cinema screens a recent foreign classic with English subtitles. After their last day in school signalling the start of the summer holidays, ...

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'NN' in Nijmegen

April 25, 2016
In April MtM On Tour presents: NN. Tonight you can go see this feature film in Lux, Nijmegen at 19.30 hrs. After the screening a debate will take place.  NN is about a group of forensic investigators in Peru who dig up the corps of an unknown person, twenty ...

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