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The Accordion

Short film by celebrated Iranian director Jafar Panahi about two young street musicians in Teheran. »

Agnus Dei

Candid and poignant testimony by a young adult sexually abused as a child by a Mexican priest. »


Multi-award-winning, kaleidoscopic thriller that shows how different people in Jaffa experience reality in completely different ways.... »

Amnesty! When They Are All Free

Documentary about the development of Amnesty International in honour of the organisation’s fiftieth anniversary.... »

Angry Man

Captivating and beautifully designed short animated film about secrets that should not be kept secret.... »

Aung San Suu Kyi - Lady of No Fear

Portrait of Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. »

Black Diamond

Documentary that exposes the shameless trade in young African footballers. Human trafficking under cover of the worldwide football cult.... »


Documentary on the success in the Palestinian community of peacemaker Ayed Morrar. »

Cameroon: Coming Out of the Nkuta

Documentary about human rights lawyer Alice Nkom, who struggles tirelessly for homosexuals in her country.... »

Camp Victory, Afghanistan

Documentary about a team of US army officers training a battle-hardened Afghan general and his army. »

Children of War

Documentary about a group of former child soldiers in a rehabilitation centre in the North of Uganda.... »

Cinema Park

Short documentary by the maker of 'To Shoot an Elephant', winner of a Golden Butterfly 2010. »

The Colors of the Mountain

Portrait of life in a village in Colombia, where guerrilla fighters and paramilitary troops spread death and destruction.... »

The Day I Will Never Forget

Confrontational, enlightening documentary in which Kenyan women speak openly about their circumcision.... »

Des hommes et des dieux

Impressive, almost magical drama about eight French monks in Algeria confronted by fundamentalism. »

The Devil Operation

Documentary maker discovers while filming Peruvian farmers protesting against a US mining company that a dirty game is being played.... »

Die Fremde

Fiction film about Turkish woman Umay, who flees her unhappy marriage in Istanbul and returns to her conservative parents in Berlin.... »

Divorce Iranian Style

Iranian women wanting a divorce face great obstacles. Filmmaker Longinotto and author Mir-Hosseini observe three court cases.... »

Dooman River

Award-winning Korean/French fiction film. A look at the everyday life of a Chinese community by the Dooman River.... »

Draquila - Italy Trembles

Documentary film showing how president Berlusconi uses the devastating earthquake in L’Aquila to boost his reputation.... »

A Few Days of Respite

Intriguing fiction film that merges issues of rights for homosexuals in Iran and the migration issue in France.... »

Four Lions

Satirical comedy about four bungling British amateur suicide bombers who want to make a big Jihad statement.... »


Personal investigation by filmmaker Pamela Yates of the Guatemalan mass murder of some 200,000 Mayan Indians.... »

The Great Dictator

Restored version of Charlie Chaplin’s sharp satire of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. »

Un homme qui crie

Subtle tragedy that won the Jury Prize in Cannes. An indictment of the corruption and opportunism of African leaders.... »


Short animated film about the effects of the barrier on the lives of young Palestinians. »


This fiction film, which won an award at Cannes, is a poignant portrayal of Belgian asylum policy. »


Documentary about the Peace and Justice Commission that collects evidence against the Colombian paramilitaries.... »

Iraq: War, Love, God and Madness

Documentary on the making of the internationally renowned feature film 'Ahlaam' in Iraq. »

The Jungle Radio

Documentary about the feminist Yamileth Chavarría, who set up a radio station deep in the Nicaraguan jungle.... »

Justice for Sergei

Gripping portrait of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who paid a high price for investigating corruption in Russia.... »

Kafka au Congo

A journey through the byways of justice and politics in the Congo. »


With this autobiographical fiction film, director Samuel Maoz returns to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.... »

Mensjesrechten: Anna

Gripping short film on nine-year-old Albanian Anna, who with her mother washes car windscreens to earn some money.... »

Min Dît - The Children of Diyarbakir

Moving fiction film about children who pay the price for the political turmoil in Turkish Kurdistan in the 1990s.... »

The Mobile Cinema

A mobile cinema team passes through small villages in the Congo to show 'Fighting the Silence', challenging the way rape is seen.... »

Na Putu

Relationship drama about the conflict between secular Islam and the fundamentalist Islam of the Wahhabi community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.... »

Nero's Guests

Documentary following journalist Palagummi Sainath, who supports poor farmers in India. »

Nowhere in Europe

Moving documentary about the effect of European refugee policy on four refugees from Chechnya. »

The Oath

Portrait of two men who personally experienced America’s anti-terrorism policy. »

On The Run With Abdul

Short documentary about the involvement of filmmakers with their subjects. »

Pink Saris

Documentary about the eloquent Sampat, head of the Gulabi Gang, and the twenty-year struggle for women’s rights in northern India.... »

Plato's Academy

Stavros and his three chauvinist friends hang around his failing shop, day in, day out. Greek tragicomedy about xenophobia.... »

Please Do Not Disturb

Hilarious fiction film in which the inhabitants of Teheran face choices that put their values and standards under extreme pressure.... »


Critical portrait of Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.... »

Russian Lessons

Personal investigation of the war between Russia and Georgia in 2008 by activist filmmakers Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya.... »


Queen of Hip Sister Fa campaigns through music and education against female circumcision in her homeland, Senegal.... »

Silent Snow

Staggering documentary in which a Inuit travels across three continents, starting off from the North Pole, to witness the effects of chemical pollution.... »

Sisters in Law

Award-winning feelgood documentary about two female lawyers in a small village in Cameroon who prove that human rights must be respected.... »

Slum Stories: Gyuri Romania

Short film about the life of Roma in the Romanian town of Miercurea Ciuc. Seen through the eyes of a carefree young boy.... »

A Small Act

Swedish Hilde Back once sponsored a Kenyan child. How a small act can have big consequences. »

Son of Babylon

Road movie which almost every family in Iraq can relate to. By Iraqi/Dutch director Mohamed Al-Daradji.... »

De Stand van de Sterren

The third and final part of Leonard Retel Helmrich’s trilogy on the Christian/Islamic family Sjamsuddin in Indonesia.... »

Surprising Europe, the life and times of Ssuuna Golooba

Poignant documentary on a disappointed immigrant who wants to use a film to show his fellow Ugandans the real face of Europe.... »

También la lluvia

Renowned director Icár Bollaín compares and contrasts the Bolivian water war of 2000 with Columbus’ colonisation of South America.... »

Telling Truths in Arusha

Fifteen years after the Rwandan civil war, priest Hormisdas is tried for genocide. »

There Once was an Island

The residents of a low-lying island in the Pacific Ocean stand to lose everything as a result of climate change.... »

Todos tus muertos

This comedy, seen as particularly politically incorrect in Colombia, uses sharp sarcasm to bring a silent indictment of the civil war raging in that country.... »


Three men from three different Asian countries are killed by the secret police. Unjust follows their three surviving, courageous widows.... »

Waste Land

Heart-warming audience favourite about famous artist Vik Muniz, who enters into a collaboration with the garbage-pickers of Rio de Janeiro.... »

Women Are Heroes

With this dynamically edited documentary, Paris-based photographer JR pays homage to oppressed women.... »

Women Without Men

Visually impressive fiction film about the fate of four women set against the background of the coup in Iran in 1953.... »

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