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5 Broken Cameras

The major winner at IDFA 2011. Personal testimony from a Palestinian father who spent five years filming ... »

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

A personal portrait of Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, who gained international acclaim for his ambitious ... »

Back to the Square

A year after the euphoria on Tahrir Square, the Egyptian demonstrators’ goals have not even come ... »


In a Chechen town, a man vanishes. Witnesses saw the state police take himaway, but no one knows where ... »


Far from the big cities, in the wild countryside of Hungary, Balogh runs a farming company together with ... »


Poignantfilm about survivors of the genocide in Srebrenica. Adnan, a young accordionplayer who lives ... »

Big Boys Gone Bananas!*/Bananenmaffia

‘Documentary thriller' by Fredrik Gertten, relating how fruit producer Dole Food tries to get his ... »

Bitter Seeds

Every thirty minutes an Indian cotton farmer commits suicide. Manjusha’s father also took his own ... »

Black Butterflies

Fiction film by Dutch director Paula van der Oest, starring Carice van Houten as rebel South African ... »

Bombay Beach

The failure of the American Dream ispre-eminently palpable on the cheerless plains surrounding the Salton ... »

Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan, it is not unusual for a girl to go toschool carefree in the morning, and to end up a bride ... »

Cairo 678

Box-office hit from Egypt just before the 2011 revolution. Three women decide to no longer put up with ... »

Carte Blanche

Investigators from the International Criminal Court are in the Central African Republic, one of the most ... »

Castello, Il

Observational documentaryabout the daily goings-on at Malpensa international airport in Milan. Theairport ... »

Cinema Jenin

A German filmmaker tries to breathe new life into an old ramshackle cinema in Jenin with the help of ... »


Iranian coming of age film about soul mates Atafeh and Shireen who discover their awakening love for ... »

Crime after Crime

Californian woman DeborahPeagler was sentenced to life in prison for her involvement in the murder ofher ... »

Dear Mandela

Mazwi, Zama and Mnikelo live in the South African informal settlements around Kennedy Road, one of the ... »

East Bloc Love

Sergey Yenin is a young, liberated homosexual activist from Belarus. He is no stranger to violence; his ... »

Emergency Shelter

Ni Yulan was once a successful and high-spirited lawyer. Now she is homeless and confined to a wheelchair. ... »

En op 'n Goede Dag

Alia (28) and Hamza (32) form a happily married couple from Morocco. Faced with a controversial law that ... »

Et maintenant on va où?

Bittersweet film about a group of Lebanese women who are fed up with the religious conflict in their ... »

Give Up Tomorrow

Award-winning documentary about what is considered the process of the century in the Philippines. Give ... »

Give Up Tomorrow (korte versie)

Award-winning documentary about what is considered the process of the century in the Philippines. Give ... »

The Guantanamo Trap

No one escapes Guantanamo unscathed; this becomes clear through the stories of four people whose biographies ... »


Habibi takes an old Arabian folktale about forbidden love and retells it as a love story between two ... »

How To Start a Revolution

Portrait of engaging scientist Dr. Gene Sharp from Boston. When his handbook From Dictatorship to Democracy ... »

In a Better World

After the death of hismother, Christian moves from England to Denmark with his father and ends up ina ... »

In My Mother's Arms

In a dangerous suburb of Baghdad, an idealistic social worker named Husham is looking for orphaned street ... »


Oppressive, visually rich thriller and tragedy of fate all in one. Twins Jeanne and Simon set out in ... »

The Invisible Men

World première of an Israeli-Dutch co-production about gays on the run. They are not free to be ... »

Justice for Sale

In this subtle and surprising documentary, a thorough-going Congolese lawyer investigates a rape case ... »

The Lady

The Lady tells the story of Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who as a little girl is forced to flee ... »

Letters to the President

Petr Lom was allowed to follow Iranian PresidentAhmadinejad on his trips around rural Iran where he preaches ... »

A Life on Hold

In Tunesia, justa few kilometres from the Libyan border, lies the Chouca refugee camp. Refugeesfrom surrounding ... »

The Light in Her Eyes

In Syria, imams believe that women should be at home and that it is their fate to give birth and take ... »

Little Children, Big Words

When a teacher asks thechildren in her class what they want to be when they grow up, seven-year-oldAlex ... »

Little Heaven

When they turn 13, thechildren in the Little Heaven orphanage in Ethiopia are told they areHIV-positive. ... »

Love Crimes of Kabul

The women in Kabul’s Badum Bagh jail serve a prison sentence for ‘moral offences’, ... »


Egyptian feature film about creative young people in Alexandria’s underground scene. After spending ... »

My Friend Diego

Luis Alberto Alarcón was once a member of the security forces under former Chilean president Allende. 34 ... »

No Entry No Exit

After having served his sentence, sex offender Karl D. comes up against his neighbours. Daily demonstrations ... »

Offside (2010)

Two young illegal immigrants from Nigeria try their luck in Turkey. They hope to find fame and fortune ... »

On a Tightrope

In an orphanage in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, children study tightrope walking. Their feats are ... »

Our School

For four years, director and human rights defender Mona Nicoara followed a group of Roma children in ... »

Peace vs Justice

Critical documentary about the role of the International Criminal Court in the trial against rebel leader ... »

El Premio

Seven-year-oldCeci lives with her mother in a ramshackle beach cabin in Argentina. Herhome situation ... »

Putin's Kiss

Coming of age documentary about the dilemma facing Russian student Marsha. She belongs to Nashi, the ... »

Raising Resistance

The soil in Paraguay offers perfect growing conditions for soya beans. Thousands of acres of forest have ... »

The Redemption of General Butt Naked

Absurd portrait of thenotorious ‘naked general’ Joshua Blahyi who evangelised after the bloody ... »

Refugees: Who Needs Them?

As the debate on immigration rages across the Netherlands and Europe, the Dutch government invites some ... »

Route Irish

Britishnational Fergus makes a living as a security officer in post-war Iraq. When hisfriend Frankie ... »

Saving Face

Every year in Pakistan, there are at least 100 people attacked with acid -the majority women. Many more ... »

Silenced Voices - Tales of Sri Lankan Journalists in Exile

Journalists in Sri Lanka risk life and limb to practice their profession. Lasantha Wickrematunge was ... »

Silent River

Romania, 1986. Gregor and Vali decide to escape from the grimconditions under Ceauşescu’s dictatorial ... »

Sing Your Song

His name and his songs are world-famous. Most people know Harry Belafonte as a singer and actor. His ... »

Sinners' Disease

Filmmaker Jan Jaap Kuiperfollows militant mother-to-be Sasha Volgina. This 31-year-old activist is oneof ... »

La Source des femmes

Modern, feminist fairytale about Muslim women that go on a ‘love strike’ in order to persuade their ... »

Special Flight

Documentary from the country that has the strictest immigration laws in Europe. The air in the Frambois ... »

Thank You Third World

Threeironic video clips in which Western consumers express their thanks to thepeople of the Third World.... »

The Tiniest Place

Two decades after the civil war in El Salvadorcame to an end, survivors return to their devastated mountain ... »


Touching ‘making of’ film about the silencethat blankets HIV and AIDS in China.Gu Changwei, ... »

Tropa De Elite 2

Brazilian action thriller that shows how captain Nascimento and his special police squad take up arms ... »

The Whistleblower

Political thriller starring Rachel Weisz and Vanessa Redgrave. In 1999, a female police officer is sent ... »

Yoole, The Sacrifice

A poetic protest: that’s what famous Senegalese director Moussa Sene Absa calls his first documentary. ... »

Zero Silence

Between November 2009 and June 2011, three filmmakers followed several young Arabs in their struggle ... »

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