15:30 Theater aan het Spui Kleine Zaal

Pussy Riot: a Punk Prayer - Filmmakers Masterclass

The inspirational director will give an interactive masterclass after the screening of his film about the trial against the three Russian Punk Rock chicks. »

16:00 Zaal 1, Filmhuis Den Haag

Narco Cultura - Q&A with Jorge Hernández Tinajero

Q&A with Jorge Hernández Tinajero, president of Mexico City’sCollective for a Holistic Policy Towards Drugs (CUPIHD). »

19:00 Zaal 1, Filmhuis Den Haag

Eufrosina's Revolution - Debate

Discussion with Mexican activist Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza, filmmaker Luciana Kaplan, and Amanda Gigler (Mama Cash). Moderator is Katrien Gottlieb (360 magazine). »

19:00 Zaal 5, Filmhuis Den Haag

Miele - Discussion with philosophers Stine Jensen and Coen Simon

Discussion with philosophers Stine Jensen and Coen Simon »

19:00 Studio, Filmhuis Den Haag

Presentation Exposition Mapping Malala

Before the screening of the film Dirty Wars, Monica Alisse will give a presentation about her exposition Mapping Malala at 19.00 hrs at the studio of Filmhuis Den Haag. »

19:15 Zaal 4, Filmhuis Den Haag

Die Welt - Q&A with director Alex Pitstra

Q&A with director Alex Pitstra. In Die Welt Pitstra shows the mirror of his own life: what if he had grown up in Tunisia where his father came from, instead of the Netherlands? »

19:30 Theater aan het Spui Kleine Zaal

Dirty Wars - Discussion with Joris Voorhoeve

Discussion with Joris Voorhoeve. Eline Huisman is the moderator. »

19:30 Foyer, Theater aan het Spui

20:00 Theater aan het Spui Grote Zaal

22:00 Theater aan het Spui Kleine Zaal

La Jaula de Oro - Opening Night (public)

Festive Movies that Matter Opening Night. Q&A with filmmaker Diego Quemada-Díez. Moderator is filmmaker Kees Brienen. Music by Mariachi Caliente. »

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