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Poignant and topical documentary about the fallacious Belgian policy to detain criminals suffering from ... »

The Abominable Crime

Apart from offering sun, sea and white beaches, Jamaica is also a country where being gay is life-threatening. ... »

Black Ice

When in September 2013 the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise heads towards the Arctic Ocean to protest against ... »


World Premiere of the VARA television series in the form of a marathon screening. Reporter Sinan Can ... »


When sisters Fatima and Aya learn that Fatima’s husband has decided to desert the Syrian Army and ... »

Burden of Peace

Claudia Paz y Paz, Guatemala’s first female Attorney General, is engaged in a burdensome yet brave ... »

Cargo 200

Every day, Russian soldiers perish in the war in Ukraine – a war that has not officially been declared. ... »

Children 404

Teenage life is not always easy. It is especially hard for the gay youth of Russia. Ever since Putin ... »


Academy Award winning documentary thriller about the meetings of filmmaker Laura Poitras and journalist ... »

Closed Curtains (Theater)

The theatre play Closed Curtains was inspired by the documentary This is Not a Film by director Jafar ... »

Come to my Voice

In a remote Kurdish mountain village eight-year-old Jiyan worries about the fate of her father Temo who ... »

Concerning Violence

A brief history of decolonisation in Africa, in a collage of archive material with Lauryn Hill reading ... »

Darwin's Nightmare

Alarming,  Oscar nominated film on how the international fish and weapon trade near Lake Victoria ... »


An intriguing look at an authoritarian state on the verge of democratisation. The film follows representatives ... »

Deux jours, une nuit

Following burnout, Sandra is told that she will lose her job. In fact, her colleagues had to vote: either ... »


Fourteen-year-old Ethiopian Hirut is kidnapped by a gang of farm workers on her way home from school. ... »

Drone (2014)

America has been carrying out drone attacks in Pakistan for years, causing huge numbers of civilian casualties. ... »


Anna, Ole, Fred en Peter share a special job: as members of the Human Rights Watch emergency team they ... »

Free Range

Spherical short western from Lebanon, about a cow trapped between two worlds.An unsuspecting cow crosses ... »

The Free Voice of Egypt - Nawal El Saadawi

Portrait of Nawal el-Saadawi (83), who ranks among the most prominent and best-known feminists in the ... »


Road movie about young Nigerian woman Hope who sets out on a dangerous journey straight across the desert ... »

I Am Nojoom, Age 10 and Divorced

When she is only eight years old, Nojoom from Yemen is forced to marry a thirty-year-old man.  However, ... »

I Want To See The Manager

Reflecting on the effects of economic progress and globalisation, this film takes the audience on a trip ... »

In The Sands Of Babylon

Ibrahim, an Iraqi soldier, flees Kuwait at the end of the Gulf War in 1991. On his way home he dreams ... »

In The Shadow of War

Although the war in their homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina ended almost twenty years ago, many young ... »

Inbetween Worlds

Despite the fact that his brother was killed in a previous mission in Afghanistan, German officer Jesper ... »


Should women wear a veil? Is secular society an illusion? In a beautiful country house outside of Tehran, ... »

Kisangani Diary

After the massacre perpetrated on the Rwandan Tutsis in 1994, tens of thousands of Hutus fled to neighbouring ... »


Oscar-nominated epic narrative about corruption and abuse of political power in Russia, inspired by the ... »

The Look of Silence

Bereaved by the Indonesian anti-communist genocide, courageous Adi confronts unrepentant murderers in ... »

Lucia de B.

For more than six years, nurse Lucia de Berk was unduly imprisoned for the fictitious assassination of ... »

The Man Who Mends Women - the wrath of Hippocrates

Portrait of the impressive life and works of internationally renowned gynaecologist Denis Mukwege from ... »


The Colombian town of Marmato is home to one of the biggest gold reserves in the world. The inhabitants ... »

Memories on Stone

Hussein and Alan, who live in post-war Iraq, are determined to make a movie about Anfal, the military ... »

Night Will Fall

There is extensive footage of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. A team led by Alfred Hitchcock ... »

On the Bride's Side

A Palestinian poet and an Italian journalist decide to transport five Syrian and Palestinian refugees ... »

Our Terrible Country

Road movie about the friendship between Syrian writer and dissident Yassin al-Haj Saleh and young photographer ... »

Point Blank

Courageous Brazilian documentary investigates police violence and corruption in Rio de Janeiro. Over ... »

The President

Dark satire by Mohsen Makhmalbaf. After a coup, a dictator comes face to face with the people he has ... »


Heart-warming and cheerful movie, based on a true story. In the summer of 1984, during the reign of Margaret ... »

Retour a Ithaque

Five friends enjoy the sunset on a terrace overlooking Havana and celebrate the return of their friend ... »

The Salt of the Earth

Beautiful portrait by Wim Wenders of the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, whose intensely powerful ... »

The Shelter

Many refugees in Lausanne spend the harsh winter nights outside, despite a thick layer of snow. The local ... »

Shield And Spear

Lively documentary provides a kaleidoscopic view of the art scene in present-day South Africa. We see ... »


Poor zip manufacturer Mahendra lives with his family in a provincial town in India. He has trouble making ... »


What happened to the man who exposed waterboarding? And what are the consequences of making public such ... »

Soft Vengeance: Albie Sachs And The New South Africa

Tribute to South African lawyer, writer and activist Albie Sachs who dedicated himself to the struggle ... »

Stories of Our Lives

Artists’ collective The Nest from Nairobi collected five life stories of LGBTs in Kenya in a courageous ... »

The Storm Makers

Half a million Cambodians work abroad, a third of them are exploited as slaves. The film tells the story ... »

The Supreme Price

Hafsat Abiola is the daughter of M.K.O. Abiola, who was elected president of Nigeria in 1993 and was ... »

Taxi Teheran

A yellow cab is driving through the vibrant and colorful streets of Tehran. Very diverse passengers enter ... »

The Term

What does it mean to be a Russian opposition leader? In May 2012, Vladimir Putin starts his third term ... »

This is not a Film

Remarkable report that shows one day in the life of exiled Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi. He made the ... »

Those Who Said No

After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the new Iranian regime consolidated its power through the mass ... »

Three Windows And A Hanging

In a traditional village in Kosovo school mistress Lushe has a tough time when she tells a foreign journalist ... »


Oscar-nominated opening film that deals with an increasingly topical issue. Kidane and his family live ... »

Toto And His Sisters

Toto and his elder sisters come from a Roma family of junkies and drug dealers. Their troubled mother ... »

Uyghurs, Prisoners of the Absurd

The incredible odyssey of a group of China’s Uyghur minority, detained in Guantánamo as ... »


Dr. Rebecca Gomperts’ abortion ship sails around the world and docks in harbours of countries where ... »

The Wanted 18

Humorous documentary that in a rather unusual way tells the remarkable story of eighteen Israeli cows ... »

Watchers of the Sky

Beautifully stylised documentary that uses animation, archive footage and interviews to shed light on ... »

We Are The Giant

There have always been revolutions, as well as charismatic leaders who struggle against oppression and ... »

We Come As Friends

The director of Darwin’s Nightmare returns to Africa to paint a picture of contemporary colonialism. ... »

Welcome to the Smiling Coast – living in the Gambian Ghetto

Creative Bas Ackerman from The Hague presents a documentary film of his TV series about the African ... »

The Yes Men Are Revolting

The Yes Men are back! Andy and Mike set off for new adventures to point heads of government to their ... »

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