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15 minutes - The Dvor Massacre

In the summer of 1995Jørgen Kold, Danish officer and commander of a UN camp in Dvor, Croatia, ... »

3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets

Electrifying documentary thriller aboutAfro-American teenager Jordan Davis who is shot dead after a discussion ... »

7 Days in Syria

Harsh documentary in which Newsweek reporter Janine di Giovannitravels to Syria to witness how citizens ... »


Coming-of-age film about 15-year-old Serginhowhose father leaves without a word one day. Serginho’s ... »

Alisa in Warland

Alisa is a student at the film academy in Kiev. When theUkrainian revolution starts, she decides to go ... »

Atomic Heart

Surreal, nightly trip through the streets ofTehran. Two tipsy friends drive around town after a party. ... »

Award Ceremony & AMoA Sneak Preview

During the Award Ceremony the Students' Choice Award, MovieZone Award and the A Matter of ACT Golden ... »

The Black Flag

Shi’a Muslims all over Iraq are taking up arms to combat the spread ofthe Islamic State. Filmmaker ... »

Chechnya, War Without Trace

A unique look at Chechnya’s remarkable transformation.This war-torn country has been replaced with ... »

The Chinese Mayor

Fascinating cinéma vérité about mayor Geng ofthe Chinese city of Datong, who embarks ... »

The Chosen Ones

Natural beauty Sofia is fourteen years old and head-over-heels in lovewith Ulises. That love is mutual. ... »

Chuck Norris vs Communism

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El Clan

An exciting film by Argentine director Pablo Trapero (Crane World,White Elephant) recounting the astonishing ... »

Deep Web

Fascinating document on the dark side of the Internet and how the legalsystem is trailing behind in this ... »


When a former Tamil Tiger, a woman and a girlpretend to be a family to escape the civil war in Sri Lanka ... »

The Diplomat

Biography of American diplomat RichardHolbrooke, who served the US State Department for nearly fifty ... »

District Zero

In his small shop in a Jordanian refugee camp,Maamun Al-Wadi repairs mobile phones of Syrians who have ... »

Driving with Selvi

Energetic, inspirational portrait of a former Indian childbride, who manages to escape and become an ... »


Playful, stylized biopic on the life and work of illustrious socialpsychologist Stanley Milgram, who ... »

The Fear of 13

After having spent 23 years on death row, Nickwrites a letter asking the judge to cease all investigations ... »

Flow Mechanics

The European border police makes every effortto control the continuous flow of refugees. But every time ... »

Frame by Frame

Under the Taliban regime, photography was a mortal sin in Afghanistan.But ‘a land without photography ... »

A Good American

Remarkable documentary about ‘good American’William ‘Bill’ Binney, a former high-ranking ... »

Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr

Back in 2002, 15-year-old Omar Khadr wascaptured by American soldiers and locked up in the Guantanamo ... »

The Hard Stop

In the summer of 2011, a furious mob swept through London, leavingwreckage in its wake. The trigger was ... »

A Haunting History

Lawyer Anuol Deng(30) went to law school in England. He returned to his birthplace in SouthSudan with ... »

Hooligan Sparrow

Courageous documentary by young Chinese filmmaker Nanfu Wang. Armed withher camera, she follows a group ... »

I Am Sun Mu

North Korean artist Sun Mu fled to South Koreain the 1990s. The camera follows him as he prepares for ... »

The Idealist

Captivating political thriller about one of the best kept secrets inDanish history. In 1968, a B-52 bomber ... »

In Your Arms

Niels, who is terminally ill, has one last wishbefore dying: a one-way trip to Switzerland. Maria, nurse ... »


When nursery teacher Lucas is falsely accused of sexual abuse by angelic toddler Klara, the entire village ... »


Stiflingdrama about a ship hijacking off the coast of Somalia. Morten is a cook onboard a large cargo ... »

Karama Shorts

Compilation of the following short films in cooperation with Karama Human Rights Festival: January Shift (14... »

Kingdom of Shadows

The stories of an activist, a drug enforcement special agent and aformer drugs smuggler blend together ... »


Oscar-nominated opening film about idealistic Danish army commander Claus Michael Pedersen, whose troupes ... »

The Land Of The Enlightened

Fiction and documentary merge seamlessly in this cinematographic journeyinto the beauty of war-torn Afghanistan. ... »

Les Chevaliers Blancs

JoachimLafosse, the Belgian maestro of mixed feelings, collected a French all-starcast led by Vincent ... »

Masterclass Cathrine Gyldensted

Cathrine Gyldensted is the originator of applying positive psychology and related fields to the ... »

Masterclass Leonard Retel Helmrich

This year the festival will screen the retrospective of Dutch filmmaker Leonard Retel Helmrich. In his ... »

Masterclass True Stories: The Idealist

What isit that makes films that are inspired by true stories so fascinating? In themasterclass True Stories ... »

Media that Matter

Crossover, tonguein-cheek show Media that Matter is acooperation with journalism production company Prospektor. ... »

A Monster with a Thousand Heads

In order to get the medical treatment her very sick husband needsurgently, Sonia takes up the fight against ... »

Motley's Law

Kimberley Motley is the only foreigner and the only womanallowed to work as a lawyer in Afghanistan. ... »


Thebeginning of summer. Lale and her four sisters return home after their lastschool day in a village ... »

Nice People

Funnyfeel-good documentary about the first Somali ’Bandy’ (ice hockey) team in theworld, ... »


A team offorensic anthropologists in Peru digs up the remains of nine anonymous persons,twenty years ... »

No One's Child

True story about a wolf-child who was found inthe Bosnian mountains back in 1998 and grew up in an orphanage ... »

No Rio e no Mar!

Thebeautiful island of Ilha de Maré in Brasil was once a rare habitat full of life.Now this little ... »

Paneldiscussie True Stories

CANCELLED. What arethe boundaries of the artistic freedom of a film maker when it comes to makinga film ... »


Filmed clandestinely, this daring movie debut from Iranian directorAtaeian Dena shows how violence and ... »


Paulina is an idealistic young lawyer from Argentina who quits herwell-paid job to work as a teacher ... »

De Pen en het Zwaard

In the brand new television series De Pen en het Zwaard (Thepen and the sword) Dutch journalist Fidan ... »

A Perfect Day

A group of humanitarian aid workers tries tosave the water supply of an abandoned community in a Bosnian ... »

The Propaganda Game

North Korea, the hermit kingdom, is almost entirely cut off from theworld, making it difficult to paint ... »

The Prosecutor, the Defender, the Father and his Son

Courtroom drama based on a true story. Two ambitious lawyers go head tohead in the trial against Milorad ... »


Feature debut by Tobias Lindholm and Michael Noerabout Rune, in his twenties, who tries to survive in ... »


After fifty years living in the same home, built from corrugated steeland canvas, an elderly couple in ... »

Saudi Arabia: a Wind of Change

Saudi Arabia has one of the most repressive regimes in the world. Womenin particular have hardly any ... »


Historical drama, based on facts, about the daythat became known as Bloody Sunday.In the spring of 1965, ... »

Shorts that Matter

Compilation of 5 short films in cooperation with Go Short:1. Burners (Farid Bentoumi): Amine, a young ... »

A Sinner in Mecca

Filmmaker Parvez Sharma is a both a devout Muslim and gay.Can his religion accept him? Sharma searches ... »

Snow Pirates

In an idyllic winter landscape during a far less idyllic era in Turkey,three little snow pirates set ... »


Illegally living in Tehran, an 18-year old Afghani refugee Sonita dreams of being a rapper. But women ... »

Der Staat Gegen Fritz Bauer

Intriguing biography about courageous attorney-general Fritz Bauer, whohas little faith in the legal ... »

De Stand van de Maan

Agorgeous, dynamically shot portrait of a family in Jakarta struggling withreligious issues and the choice ... »

De Stand van de Sterren

The third and final part of Leonard Retel Helmrich’s trilogy on the Christian/Islamic family Sjamsuddin in Indonesia.... »

De Stand van de Zon

Firstinstallment in the trilogy – followed by Standvan de Maan and Stand van de Sterren– ... »

They Will Have To Kill Us First: Malian Music In Exile

Music is one of the most important forms of communication for the peopleof Mali. But music was banned ... »

This Is Exile: Diaries of Child Refugees

Intimate, harrowing portrait of children who have fled the violence ofthe civil war in Syria and now ... »

Those Who Feel the Fire Burning

The ghost of an old man who died crossing theMediterranean Sea to Europe is now observing the disillusioned ... »


An encouraging roll-up-your-sleeves documentary about how ordinarypeople with limited means still can ... »

Town On a Wire

Good-hearted, idealistic mayor of an Israeli town attempts to close thegap between the Palestinian and ... »

Transit Havana

The life of Cuban transgenders have become considerably easier sinceMariela Castro – daughter of ... »


Instead of going to school, Egyptian teenagersAbdallah, Bika and Sharon ride their tuk-tuk (a motorized ... »

Vergeet Mij Niet

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We are Young. We are Strong.

Rostock, East Germany,1992. Neo-Nazi’s prepare a massive attack on refugees and asylum-seekers, ... »

White Out Black In

An innovative, intriguing futuristic piece about the maimed andtraumatized underclass living in the shadows ... »

White People

One day Alex is arrested and transferred to an underground prison. Thereshe is told that she will be ... »

Winnaar Publieksprijs 2016

The Movies that Matter Festival 2016 presents a special screening of the Audience Award winning film ... »

Winnaar Students' Choice Award

Special screening of the winner of the Students' Choice Award.... »

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