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The 10 Conditions of Love

Rebiya Kadeer once embodied China’s economic success. Now she stands up for her people, the Uyghurs.... »


Subdued and touching short film about a meeting between a Turkish woman and an Ujgur man. »


Political thriller about the crimes that have been kept secret in Timor Leste for thirty years. »

Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

Parable about discrimination of women and the impact of war and theocracy on children in Afghanistan.... »


Exciting motion picture about Iraq, starring Thekla Reuten, has its Dutch premiere at the festival. »

Chanson pour Amine

A new light on the impact of the forgotten war against Muslim fundamentalism in Algeria. »

City of Borders

The Shushan gay bar in the heart of Jerusalem is an unusual symbol of unity. »


Award-winning documentary about the thirty thousand Ecuadorians who filed a lawsuit against Texaco in 1993.... »

Declaration of Human Rights in Animation

Superbly crafted animation film that paints a spectacular picture of our human rights. »


A personal quest by Yoav Shamir, winner of the Joris Ivens Award, to find out what anti-Semitism stands for in the contemporary western world.... »

Divo, Il

Italy in the Nineties. Mysterious politician Andreotti is brought to trial for supposed links with the mafia.... »

Does This Movie Matter?

Documentary of stage producer Laura van Dolron about westners gone astray on the West Bank. »

Eden is West

In the comic road movie 'Eden is West' by famous film maker Costa-Gavras, we follow illegal immigrant Elias.... »

Eyes Wide Open

The homosexual love between 38-year-old, married Aaron and Ezri is put under pressure by the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.... »


Director José Padilha gives the global food crisis a human yet harrowing face. »

Getting Justice

One of Kenya’s most prominent human rights defenders asks various persons concerned about the violence that swept the country at the end of 2007.... »

Good Fortune

The daily life of Kenya’s city and country dwellers, who see no reason whatsoever for (white men) meddling with internal affairs.... »

Google Baby

Eye-opening and sometimes shocking documentary about the modern, online form of baby traffic. »

Half Moon

Light-hearted road movie set in a political context by Iranian Kurd director Bahman Ghobadi, the festival’s guest of honour.... »

Kindness, A Letter from Tibet

The activist Tsering Jampa campaigns for the autonomy of Tibet and the preservation of the culture of kindness.... »

Last Train Home

VPRO IDFA Award 2010. Every year, Chinese migrant workers undertake a heroic journey from the industrial areas to their native villages in the province.... »

Leaving Fear Behind

A tribute screening to the Tibetan film maker Dhondup Wangchen who will have been behind bars for exactly two years on the festival.... »

Like a Man on Earth

In exchange for financial support from Italy, Libia promisses to diminish the stream of African refugees. This leads to great consequences for asylum seekers.... »

Long Distance Love

Life in Kirgizstan for a newly married couple expecting a baby is not all roses. »


Much-acclaimed intimate portrait of the last eight years of Harvey Milk’s life. »

Mugabe and the White African

Impressive portrait of one of the last white farmers in Zimbabwe, who institutes legal proceedings against Mugabe.... »

My Mother's Daughter

A British journalist is kidnapped during a work visit in Afghanistan. When she returns, she converts to islamism. What does her christian mother think?... »

My Neighbor, My Killer

The Rwandese government started Gacaca back in 1999, but is it possible to forgive those who have massacred your entire family?... »

No Comment

Six years after closing the refugee centre in Calais there are still about 6000 homeless asylum seekers living under harsh conditions.... »

No One Knows About Persian Cats

Winner of 'Un Certain Regard'. A quest through the underground rockscene of Teheran by director Bahman Ghobadi.... »

Not Quite the Taliban

Young Jordanian film maker Fadi Hindash, who lives in Dubai, sheds light on one of the biggest taboos in the Arab world: homosexuality.... »

El Olvido

Documentary by Heddy Honigman about a forgotten city, Lima, a forgotten nation, the Peruvians, and a forgotten country, Peru.... »

The Other Bank

In this award-winning road movie twelve-year-old Tedo has to somehow survive in desolate and war-ridden Abkhazia.... »

Pakistan's Taliban Generation

The war on terror creates a new generation of terrorists: Pakistani children who are prepared to kill.... »


People from all over China go to Beijing to complain about corruption by the local authorities. A report on their quest for justice.... »

Police, Adjective

Drily humorous police film about how a routine job can turn into a matter of conscience. »


Activist Rachel is killed under suspicious circumstances when she tries to prevent the Israel army from demolishing Palestinian houses. ... »

The Red Chapel

Two Danish comedians obtain permission to perform a variety act in North Korea. A grotesque undertaking.... »


'Redlight' tells the personal story of two young Cambodian victims of child traffic that end up in the sex industry.... »

Repainting Cuba

Behind the beautiful façades of refurbished houses in Santiago de Cuba Cuba shows an entirely different face.... »


An overwhelming documentary about Nicholas D. Kristof, reporter for The New York Times. With his work wants to put Congo on the political agenda.... »

Same Same But Different

A gripping love story between a German backpacker and a Cambodian prostitute. »

The Sari Soldiers

Portrait of six brave women who try to shape Nepal’s future. Won several prizes at festivals. »

Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story

An indictment of the role played by men in Egyptian society. Feminist film hit from Egypt. »


Portrait of the 83 year old Zheng Jingkang, who has spent a total of 63 years in Chinese prisons for contrarevolutionary conduct. ... »

Shirley Adams

A year ago a South African boy is shot and becomes paralysed. In spite of many setbacks his mother keeps taking care of him.... »

The Shock Doctrine

‘The Shock Doctrine' named after the book by activist Naomi Klein, argues that the free market system has all the characteristics of a dictatorial regime.... »


Life in Syrian capital Damascus turns out to be less rose-coloured than Syrian natives Ezat and Bayan had expected.... »

Suddenly, Last Winter

Award-winning, ironic documentary about intolerance towards homosexuals in Italy. »

Thorns and Silk

A fascinating documentary about four Palestinian women who have jobs that are traditionally done by men.... »

Tibet in Song

A raw and uncensored portrait of Tibet as the world has never seen before, made by former political prisoner Ngawang Choephel.... »

A Time for Drunken Horses

Raw and realistic movie that was the breakthrough for laureate director Bahman Ghobadi, the festival’s guest of honour.... »

To Shoot an Elephant

In the staggering documentary 'To Shoot an Elephant', activist Alberto Arce zooms in on life in Gaza, occupied by Israel.... »

The Trial

The trial of Kosovo’s prime minister before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, seen through the eyes of his lawyer Michael O'Reilly.... »

The Tribunal

Exciting movie about the dubious trial against Goran Duric, a former Yugoslav army commander. »

Turtles Can Fly

Won the public award of the 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam. Impressive movie by director Bahman Ghobadi, the festival’s guest of honour.... »

Upload Cinema: Saved by YouTube

Special programme by Movies that Matter and Upload Cinema about activism on the Internet. »


Comic film about the daily puppetry at Wagah, also known as Asia’s Berlin, a small village near the border between India and Pakistan.... »

War + Love in Kabul

Hossein and Shaima have been in love with each other since childhood. They are separated by the war in Afghanistan. A story about an impossible love affair. ... »

War Don Don

In the capital of Sierra Leone war criminal/war hero Issa Sesay stands trial. A controversial case. »

Weapon of War

Dutch documentary makers Femke and Ilse van Velzen collect statements from perpetrators in their latest film on rape in times of war.... »


A harsh indictment of French immigration policy and, at the same time, a humane plea for tolerance. »

Women in Shroud

A group of Iranian lawyers and human rights defenders stand up for women’s rights in Iran. »

Women in White

The wives of arrested intellectuals in Cuba embody the opposition against Castro's regime. »

The Yes Men Fix the World

In this popcorn documentary full of humour, fast editing and acute comments, the Yes Men ridicule the free market.... »

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