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Geronimo Arevalos

Geronimo Arevalos is a ‘campesino’ (a small farmer) in Paraguay. Like many small farmers in the area he produces crops to feed his own family. The life of the ‘campesinos’ is threatened by the large-scale soybean producers. The corporations are felling of forests and sprinkle the plants with poison. Geronimo Arevalos defends the rights of all these small farmers. "The earth is the factory of the poor man."

Geronimo was born in a campesino family, close to the town Caaguazi in Paraguay. As a young man he starts working at the construction of the Itaipu Dam in the Parana region. He stays with a friendly family and falls in love with one of their daughters: Silvia. They marry young and have their first child. They are pour and decide to live their lives as campesino’s. With a small chariot they move to the North.

In Minga Pora, they settle with a group of campesino’s who do not own land. This is when Geronimo’s activism starts: the group finds a piece of land that isn’t in use and decides to occupy it. The land belongs to a wealthy family, who won’t give up the lanf without a fight. A two year struglle follows. In the end, the campesino’s win and the land, that feeds up to ninety campesino families, is handed over to them.

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Name: Geronimo Arevalos,

Country of birth: Paraguay

Arevalos Geronimo was born near the city of Caaguazu, and when he is 10 years old he moves to a small piece of land near the town of Hernandez. He works for a while in the army, and in construction. With his wife he builds a new life as a ‘campesino’, and is committed to the rights of small farmers as the leader of the village of Santa Rosa and a member of the organization Asagrapa.

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