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Rules and regulations


General programme information

The Movies that Matter Festival is the annual film and debate festival on human rights and social justice in The Hague, the International city of Peace and Justice.

It takes place each year in March and features a general film programme of over seventy feature films and documentaries, seminars and debates and a youth programme.
The Movies that Matter Festival presents two main programmes. In cooperation with Amnesty International A Matter of ACT pays attention to human rights defenders and their crucial role in the worldwide protection of human rights. Camera Justitia is a film and debate programme on international law and justice.

1 Application for the festival
2 Selection of the film/video programme
3 Authorization
4 Dispatch of the prints, video and new media works to be screened at the festival
5 Insurance
6 General

1. Application for the festival

  • No entry fees are due for submitting films, videos or new media projects. The festival organization must have received the completed and signed entry form together with a DVD PAL or online viewing link before October 16th 2017.
  • Selected films and videos can only be shown at the festival if they have English / Dutch commentary and/or English Dutch dialogue, or in the original version with English / Dutch subtitles.

The following information must also be provided:

A short outline of the story in English or Dutch;

  • Completed and submitted online entry form
  • A short biography of the director(s);

Postal/shipping expenses of entry forms, publicity material and preview DVD's: All such expenses to and from the festival for the DVD's are to be paid by the entrants as well all other expenses incurred, such as insurance etc.

Return of the preview DVD's:

  • The submitted DVD will not be returned to the entrants;
  • Movies that Matter section keeps the
  • Movies that Matter only accepts films that deal with human rights related issues and were made after October 2015. material for non-circulating reference in its archive;
  • The submitted dvdv will only be accepted if it is English and / or Dutch spoken or subtitled.

2. Selection of the film/video programme

  • The festival management makes the first selection of films, videos and new media works;
  • Selection decisions made by the festival management are final;
  • Priority may be given to films that address themes chosen for the festival;
  • Priority may be given to Dutch, European or world premieres;
  • Priority may be given to works that are examples of formal and technical innovation;
  • If a film or video is selected, publicity material (press, books, posters, stills, etc.) must be sent to Movies that Matter immediately after the film is selected.   


3. Authorization After official selection of a documentary in any Movies that Matter programme, the festival has the right to:

  • Use three minutes of a documentary or film for broadcasting purposes on national or international television;
  • Use three minutes of a documentary or film for broadcasting on internet;
  • Use the publicity material (press books, posters, stills etc.) to promote the festival.

4. Dispatch of the prints, video's and new media works to be screened at the festival

The deadline for the arrival of the prints, video's and new media works in the Netherlands is March 10th, 2017. Works arriving after this date cannot be guaranteed participation. The various formats of films should be sent to:

Movies that Matter
P.O. Box 1968
1000 BZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
If you send in your film by courier you can use the visiting address:
Keizersgracht 177
1016 DR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

In addition, the sender will be asked to sent a dispatch note to the festival by airmail, fax or E-mail, indicating the date of shipment. A pro forma invoice must accompany the print or video stating the name of the sender, the title of the film, its size, length, number of reels, and whether it is in color or black and white.

The costs of transport to the Netherlands are the sender's responsibility up to free arrival at Schiphol Airport. All shipments should be consigned to our agent Action Freight, c/o Movies that Matter (unless mentioned otherwise). The festival will take care of the costs of custom clearance at Schiphol Airport both for importation and exportation. The festival also pays for the freight charges from Amsterdam up to arrival at the airport of destination. The festival will return your material within four weeks after the festival unless otherwise arranged. Please bear in mind that the consignee is responsible for the reimportation charges at the country of destination.

5. Insurance
The shipping insurance for shipping films and videos to and from the Netherlands is entirely the responsibility of the participants. Upon gaining possession of the film, video or disk from Action Freight (or any other shipping company which, in consultation with the festival organization, is responsible for shipment of film or video) the festival will only then accepts limited responsibility for the film, video or disk extending to the time that the festival organization returns the film, video or disk to Action Freight (or another shipping company). The definition of this limited responsibility only includes a refund of laboratory expenses for making a new print of the roll or rolls of film damaged, or in case of a video or disk, duplication of the videotape or disk. This refund will be calculated according to the current Dutch laboratory prices. It does not extend to negatives, positives or any other type of film component. In case of faulty projection the festival cannot be held responsible for immaterial damage suffered by director, producer or distributor. Complaints will only be considered if you lodge them within 6 weeks after the festival. Press kits, photos, videocassettes and other material are not included in this limited insurance responsibility. It also should be pointed out that guests of the festival are not covered by the festival insurance. Participation of any film or video considered technically unfit for public screening may be refused.

6. General
The festival director and the jury's decisions are final. Entry and participation of films/videos and new media material implies unconditional acceptance of the regulations. In unspecified cases, the festival management will make a final decision.
Preview DVD, documentation material, as well as all correspondence should be addressed to:
Movies that Matter
P.O. Box 1968
1000 BZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
If you send in your film by courier you can use the visiting address:
Keizersgracht 177
1016 DR Amsterdam
The Netherlands  

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