Movies that Matter Festival pubquiz

Do you want to get warmed up for the Movies that Matter Festival? Come to the festival pubquiz Sunday 9 March at 19.30 hrs at Filmhuis Den Haag!

Thanks to our enthusiastic festiva lambassadors we can give you a playfull peek into this year’s wonderful program. Don’t miss it!

What, when and where?

When: Sunday 9 March
Doors open:
19.15 hrs
19.30 hrs
around 21.00 hrs
Filmhuis Den Haag
Language quiz: English
Participation: free. Sign in with a team of 3-4 persons by sending an e-mail to Tessa Stevens: You can also sign in individually or as a duo, then we place you in a team.
Included: one consumption
Prizes: very nice ones! You can win a festival passe-partout, a DVD-Box or free tickets for the festival.


Not a movie or human rights intellectual? No problem! The quiz consists of five rounds with five questions concerning our themes: ATOMIC, COLOURS, GREED, LOVE and region-theme MEXICO. The movies in these themes are being used as an introduction, but in the questions they are not specifically addressed.   

As a preparation, you can read more here about the themes and included movies.


We hope to see you Sunday!

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