Movies that Matter Festival pubquiz

Get in the mood for the Movies that Matter Festival and join us on Friday March 4th at 20.00 hrs for the pubquiz at Filmhuis Den Haag, organized by our enthusiastic group of festivalambassadors!

Through questions about human rights, political and social events, and films that will be screened at this year's festival, we will offer a sneak preview of the festival's programme. Also, you can win great prizes, like a voucher to see free films at the festival!

Read below for more information.

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When and where?

Wanneer: Friday March 4th
19.45 uur hrs
20.00 hrs
around 23.00 hrs
Filmhuis Den Haag

Sign up (for free) with a team of 3-4 persons by mailing to You can also sign up as an individual or duo, then we will put you in a team.

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