Puisque Nous Sommes Nés

Jean-Pierre Duret / Andrea Santana

Brazil. The state of Pernambouc. A huge service station at the side of an endless road. Cocada, 14, lives there, in an old truck, ever since his father was murdered. He has a dream, to become a truck driver. Nego lives in a favela; he wants to leave and make money. At night, the two boys wander about the service station, fascinated by the businesses that sell everything, abundant food, the movement of the trucks and travellers. Everything speaks to them about this big country which they don’t know at all. With this singular maturity that one gets very early in adversity, they question themselves about their identity and their future. Their only perspective: a road towards somewhere else. (www.imdb.com)


Brazil, France 2008, 90 min.


Spoken language: Portuguese

Official website: http://www.puisquenoussommesnes.com/

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+31 205308848


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