Valeria Golino

Festival year: 2014

Irene is a pretty, wayward student with a secret sideline: she helps terminally ill people who want to end their lives in a dignified manner. Yet one day, she meets someone who wishes to die without being ill...  


Using the pseudonym ‘Miele’ (honey), Irene leads a double life at a seaside resort near Rome. Her father and boyfriend are unaware of the fact that she regularly flies to Mexico disguised as a fake tourist to surreptitiously buy sleeping pills for dogs, which she needs to do her tough job. One day, she meets Grimaldi, an old man with a death wish who is not ill. He is tired of living and invokes his right to die in a dignified manner. Irene takes a firm decision that she does not want to be responsible for his death. As a result, Irene and Grimaldi are bound to each other and develop a special friendship. Poignant movie based on Mauro Covacich’s novel A nome tuo.


Italy, France 2013, 100 min.


Spoken language: Italian

Subtitles: Dutch

Official website: http://www.amstelfilm.nl/miele


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