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Heart of a Lion

Dome Karukoski

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Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2014

When skinhead Teppo falls in love with beautiful, blonde Sari he is in for a surprise: she has a dark-skinned son from a previous relationship, called Rhamadhani. Touching and at times humorous drama about love, friendship and forgiveness against the background of Finland’s ultra-right subculture.


Teppo is the leader of a violent group of Neo-Nazis whose ideas are based on hatred, discrimination and prejudices. Out of love for Sari he decides to take on the role of stepfather for Rhamadhani, which allows him to develop a special relation to his new stepson. When Sari is hospitalized due to complications of pregnancy, Teppo has to take care of Rhamadhani all by himself. This is hardly compatible with his status as right-wing extremist, even though he puts forth his best effort. The situation becomes explosive when his younger brother, who has gone completely astray, stays over and forces Teppo to choose between love and hate.


Finland, Sweden 2013, 99 min.


Spoken language: Finnish

Subtitles: English

Official website:



+35 8505277172

World sales:

The Yellow Affair

+35 897740300

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