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I Want To Be A Pilot

Diego Quemada-Díez

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Award-winning short film about the dreams of Omondi, a young orphan living in the slums of Kenya’s capital. A powerful and poetic filmic protest from a member of the crew that made The Constant Gardener. This award-winning Kenyan-Mexican short film documentary shows a poverty-stricken boy in one of the poorest parts of Kenya who looks up towards the heavens and dreams of
being an airline pilot - of being able to fly. We see the boy picking his way through the filth of the urban slums as a child’s voice-over says: “My last meal was Sunday. Today is Wednesday.” Director Quemada-Diez chose to cast local actors, with the narrator being the only one selected who was not an orphan himself. The director testifies how amazed he was when the boy, or any other child in such a situation, thanked him... simply for listening.


Kenya, Mexico, Spain 2006, 12 min.

Fiction, Short,

Spoken language: English

Subtitles: English

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