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Diego Quemada-Díez / Carren Atieno Otieno

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I want to be a Pilot pictures a boy walking through Kibera, a Kenyan slum. During the film a poem is being read, that mentions all sorts of problem occuring in the slum. Meet the Muthuku Family is a series about a family that lives in Mukuru Kayaba, also a Kenyan slum. In this second episode, Jacob, one of the ten children of the family, gives a tour of the house and shows where he goes to the bathroom.


Watch I want to be a Pilot here:

Watch the episode (number 2) of Meet the Muhtuku Family here:


Kenya, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, The 2015, 12 min.

Documentary, Short,

Spoken language: English, Swahili

Subtitles: Dutch


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Dutch distribution:

Parati films

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