The Abominable Crime

Micah Fink

Festival year: 2015

Apart from offering sun, sea and white beaches, Jamaica is also a country where being gay is life-threatening. Maurice Tomlinson, one of Jamaica’s most prominent human rights defenders, and gay himself, is forced to flee to Canada after receiving death threats.


When photos of his marriage with a Canadian priest appear on the front page of a local newspaper, Maurice receives numerous death threats and is forced to flee to Canada. He receives the David Kato Vision & Voice Award from the hands of Cameroonese activist Yves Yomb (who won the A Matter of ACT Award in 2013), for his support of the LGBT community. Despite the many dangers and the objections of his husband Tom, Maurice eventually decides to return to his homeland and continue the struggle against the anti-gay terror in his country. Simone, a young lesbian mother, is nearly killed by homophobic gunmen. She now faces the difficult choice to leave Jamaica alone or go into hiding with her daughter.

Poignant documentary about the deeply-rooted nature of homophobia in the Caribbean culture and how victims use courage, love and determination to overcome fear and violence.


Jamaica, Netherlands, The, Canada, United Kingdom, United States 2013, 66 min.


Spoken language: English, Dutch

Subtitles: English

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Common Good Productions

+917 545 7254

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