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Alessio Cremonini

When sisters Fatima and Aya learn that Fatima’s husband has decided to desert the Syrian Army and join the Free Army, they must flee. The women embark on a clandestine, hazardous trip to Turkey, entrusting their safety to people they do not know.


Fatima and Aya, both deeply religious, are visited by a man who claims that Fatima’s soldier husband will desert the Syrian army to join the freedom fighters. And, he says, the sisters should leave at once for Turkey to avoid being kidnapped by the Secret Service. Though the siblings hesitate, there’s really no choice. They are plunged into following a man they do not know.

The only real choice the sisters make, devout as they are, is refusing to remove their niqab. This is a great risk to their safety, as it makes them stand out. On their journey they pick up a mysterious male stranger, also headed for the border. Together they embark on a journey full of peril and revelations. Deception, double-crosses and danger lie around every corner. Border will take you into the terrifying reality of a country where civil society has been rudely displaced by civil war.


Italy 2013, 95 min.


Spoken language: Arabic

Subtitles: English


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