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CANCELLED. What are the boundaries of the artistic freedom of a film maker when it comes to making a film based on true events? Using fragments from their films we will discuss this with director Christina Rosendahl, screenplay writer Moniek Kramer and director Hanro Smitsman.


Christina Rosendahl made the film The Idealist, which will be screened at the festival, and based it on the facts about a black page in the history of Denmark. Moniek Kramer wrote the screenplay for the Dutch film Lucia de B., about the nurse Lucia de Berk, who was accused of murder and imprisoned for years while she was innocent. Hanro Smitsman based his film Skin on the first racial murder in The Netherlands. 

The directors will discuss the distance between maker and subject, the autonomy and limitations in the progress of creating a film based on a true story and the impact these films have on the audience.


2016, 120 min.


Spoken language: English



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