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War on Drugo

Gabriel Nobrega

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The film has the proposal to be a tool to explain the drug war and broaden the debate with the general public. It tells the story of the drug war as if it were a fairy tale with dragons, kings and knights in armor. In this medieval setting, the dragon named Drugo, who was banished from his kingdom because people who related to him spent not want to work anymore and just thought to find it is displayed. The King then banned the dragon kingdom and forbade contact the people with him. Even with the ban, people continued to go after the dragon and ended up arrested. An informal market was formed to promote the encounter of people with Drugo secretly the king, with the collection of a value and this increased crime. The king, in an attempt to stop the escalating crime, decreed a war Drugo order to fight crime. However, the more he fought the dragon was more powerful.


2014, 4 min.

Short, Animation,

Spoken language: English


Vetor Zero

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Human rights
politics & democracy
war & armed conflict
drugs, drug addiction, drug trafficking
trade & globalization
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