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Zuolong Shan

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2010

Intimate and respectful documentary by young Chinese filmmaker Shan Zuolong, who portrayed a striking 83-year-old fellow-countryman. Fiery, self-willed Zheng Jingkang is stooped with age and nearly blind, but clings on to his independence. As a young man, Jingkang was a bon vivant who’d rather spend his time gambling and dancing than studying. That exuberant way of life comes to an end when he is charged with counterrevolutionary behaviour and sentenced to prison. All in all, he spent no less than 63 years of his life behind bars.


China 2009, 30 min.

Documentary, Short,

Spoken language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Subtitles: English


Zhejiang University of Technology

+86 13 95 71 77 834

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When & where?

  • Wednesday, March 31, 2010 - 20:00

    Theater aan het Spui 2, The Hague

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