Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

Haim Tabakman

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2010

38-year-old Aaron, a respected butcher in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, is married to 28-year-old Rivka. Together, they have four children. Just when Aaron is looking for someone to replace his deceased father, handsome and homeless 19-year-old student Ezri walks past the butcher’s shop. Aaron decides to take him on. He teaches Ezri how to slaughter and puts him up in one of the shop’s back rooms. After sharing an intimate moment, there’s no way back for Aaron. He spends more and more time with Ezri and starts to neglect his family and his social life in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Aaron’s family and the rest of the community put Aaron under considerable pressure. The rabbi even calls upon Aaron to turn away Ezri, but Aaron refuses. Then Aaron takes an irreversible decision.


France, Israel, Germany 2009, 91 min.


Spoken language: Hebrew, Yiddish

Subtitles: Dutch

Official website: http://www.eyeswideopenisrael.org/




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