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Same Same But Different

Same Same But Different

Detlev Buck

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Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2010

After graduating, young German national Ben goes on a journey to Cambodia with his best friend. The first two days they do what most backpackers do: they visit several touristic attractions and use cheap drugs. But then Ben (a role played by German actor David Kross, who also interpreted Kate Winslet’s young fiancé in 'The Reader') meets 21-year-old prostitute Sreykeo. The two fall in love, but their idyll comes to a cruel end when Sreykeo turns out to be HIV positive. When trying to help her, Ben discovers that the world is sometimes unfair. 'Same Same But Different' is based on the true story of Benjamin Prufer and Sreykeo Solvan, and sheds a breathtaking light on subjects like trust, sex tourism, AIDS and the (lack of) access to medical care.


Germany 2009, 107 min.


Spoken language: German, English, Khmer

Subtitles: English

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Boje Buck Produktion

+49 030 885 913 0

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Films Distribution

+33 (0)1 53 10 33 99

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When & where?

  • Saturday, March 27, 2010 - 21:15

    Theater aan het Spui 2, The Hague

  • Tuesday, March 30, 2010 - 21:30

    Theater aan het Spui 2, The Hague

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Human rights
human trafficking
women & gender
migrants, aliens & forced migration
labour issues & trade unions
trade & globalization
sexual and reproductive issues
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