Beeld Cinema Park

Cinema Park

Alberto Arce

Dutch premiere

Festival year: 2011

In its heyday, Cinema Park film theatre in Kabul packed in the crowds. Until the Taliban and the war came along. The cinema was destroyed and curfew did not allow film performances in the evening. Cinema manager Jairullah now sells twenty tickets per screening at the very best.


Short documentary film by Alberto Arce, whose film To Shoot an Elephant won the Golden Butterfly (Amnesty International’s A Matter of ACT Documentary Award) at the 2011 Movies that Matter Festival. 


Spain 2011, 4 min.

Short, Documentary,

Spoken language: Pashtu, Persian

Subtitles: English

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Institut Catala Internacional per la Pau

+34 935544270

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Institut Catala Internacional per la Pau

+34 935544270