Four Lions

Christopher Morris

Festival year: 2011

Satirical comedy about four British suicide terrorists eager to make a grand Jihad gesture, but not exactly cut out for that kind of work. Film critic Kevin Toma believes this is as shocking and hilarious a movie about degenerated religious fanaticism can get.


Omar is a devoted Muslim who decides to make a powerful and ultimate statement against a sinful society. The team that Omar composes, however, is a bunch of simpletons with very unconventional and hilarious ideas: equipping birds with a bomb, a video message with hip hop influences and shelling the internet. The question is whether Omar and his partners with their half-hearted methods pose a real threat to the safety of their country, or only to themselves.
Director Christopher Morris fights terrorism with a very effective weapon: humor. The four failed terrorists undeniably tickle the audience’s funnybone. Four Lions shows us that apart from being ideologists, these suicide bombers have quite simply gone berzerk. 


United Kingdom 2010, 94 min.


Spoken language: English

Subtitles: Dutch

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