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Een Giraf in de Regen

Pascale Hecquet

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All the fresh water in Djambali goes to filling Mr. Lion’s swimming pool. Fed up with this situation, a giraffe protests and is promptly banned to Mirzapolis, a northern city inhabited by dogs. In Mirzapolis, the giraffe ekes out a marginal existence, has to request asylum and eat dog food. No one will employ him. He eventually gets a job with a landscaping company but finds his asylum request is rejected. In this delicate metaphor, dramatic circumstances are handled with frank simplicity.   (source: Cinemabiente Film Festival)


Belgium, France 2007, 12 min.


Spoken language: AA No Dialogue



Ph. +32 81 73 97 20

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Human rights
refugees & asylum
discrimination & racism
migrants, aliens & forced migration
minorities & indigenous peoples
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