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12th & Delaware

Rachel Grady / Heidi Ewing

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Award-winning filmmakers Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp) plant themselves in the middle of America’s most uncompromising war. An abortion clinic sits on 12th Street in Fort Pierce, Florida. Directly across, on Delaware Avenue, a pro-life centre sets up camp. With an almost identical exterior, it’s often mistaken for the very clinic it hopes to shut down. With unprecedented access inside both facilities, the filmmakers record the astonishing dramas that unfold behind and between their doors. Offering free ultrasounds and her own facts about abortion, Anne, pro-life’s front line soldier, is on a mission to save her centre’s confused visitors, while Candace and her husband, owners of the abortion clinic, usher their clients past sidewalk protestors and secretly transport their doctors. 12th & Delaware presents an unflinching look at an intractable war and the women caught in the crossfire. 
(Myrocia Watamaniuk - Hot Docs 2010)


United States 2010, 80 min.


Spoken language: English


Loki Films

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