Darwin's Nightmare

Hubert Sauper

Festival year: 2015

Alarming,  Oscar nominated film on how the international fish and weapon trade near Lake Victoria consumes the poor population. A couple of decades ago, the Nile perch was planted in the lake in order to conduct a scientific experiment. It turned out that this rapacious fish was such a sturdy survivor that in no time almost all other fish species living in the gigantic lake became extinct.


The demand for Nile perch filet on the global market increased, so a large-scale fish industry developed in the region. The soberly registered images of the fishing town Mwanza in Tanzania reveal a degrading situation. While hundreds of tons of Nile perch fillet are flown to Europe and Japan every day, the starving local population is forced to bake up a frugal meal from fish-offal. Meanwhile, loads of armaments are flown into the continent on the flight in; the bloody African wars appear to be very lucrative to many. Award-winning film on how the international fish and weapon trade near Lake Victoria consumes the poor population.

The Movies that Matter Festival presents the retrospective of Hubert Sauper, with the documentary Kisangani Diary and his latest film We Come as Friends.


Belgium, France, Austria, Germany 2004, 107 min.


Spoken language: English, Russian, Swahili

Subtitles: English

Official website: http://www.coop99.at/darwins-nightmare


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