Newton Aduaka

Ezra is a forceful indictment of the use of child soldiers to further political ends. Set within the Sierra Leonean conflict, the film centres around an atrocious, drug-fueled attack on a village by rebel soldiers. One of the attackers is a young man, Ezra, who has been swept away from his family by rebels nd forced to fight in the devastating civil war. Only seven years old when rebels abducted him and spirited him into the jungle for military training, Ezra is at once both a victim and an aggressor. Years later, in a Truth and Reconciliation Commission-like hearing, the events of that terrible night are reconstructed through the painful testimonies of three witnesses. Seven long years have passed since that fateful day, and as Ezra struggles to recall the details of the deadly raid in an attempt to quell his demons, his mute sister reveals a long hidden secret that casts everything that has happened in a new light. (source: Durban International Film Festival 2007)


France, Nigeria 2007, 104 min.


Spoken language: English


Centre National de la Cinematographie (CNC)

0033 1 44 34 34 40


Dutch distribution:

BrunBro Films


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