Das Fräulein

Andrea Staka

Three women fleeing former Yugoslavia try to build a new life in Zurich.This film follows the life-paths of three women as they intersect at a modest restaurant run by Ruza, one of the three. The playful, impulsive behaviour of newcomer Ana is contrasted against Ruza's somewhat cold façade. They force each other to face their own uprooted reality. Staka's film début builds on strong acting by the three main actresses (from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina) and on the subtle yet powerful scenario, laden with suggestive dialogue and scenes. It questions loneliness and desire as well as identity and nationality. Das Fraulein makes the inevitable pain and confusion of a life uprooted by forced migration tangible.


Switzerland, Germany 2006, 81 min.


Spoken language: English, Bosnian, Croatian , Serbian

Official website: http://www.dasfraulein.ch


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