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Get Real

Simon Shore

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A 10/10 must see/have gay film! Meet Steve - a troubled teen coming to terms with his sexuality. Taunted & bullied, fate entwines him with John the school jock who, surprisingly, is having similar feelings. So their story unravels as they try to lead double lives as what society expects of them and how they are with one another. Get Real has an interesting take on the gay cliches without going over the top as so many do. The token female friend and her very real problems. John's, jock friends, and their denial of his sexuality. The mistaken assumption of their female friends beliving they are wanting more then just friendship. The realness of the parents coming to terms with sexuality is portrayed effectively well. Their inner torment of what a society percieves them as and who they truthfully are is acted to the best!! This amazing coming of age story is filmed tastefully & shot with beautiful cinematography.  (


United Kingdom 1998, 107 min.


Spoken language: English


British Screen Productions

Dutch distribution:


+31 20 577 6020

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