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Ghosts of Cité Soleil

Asger Leth / Milos Loncarevic

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World premiere

Two hours off the shores of Miami Beach, Haiti lies nestled next to the Dominican Republic, ignored by the rest of the world. It is a country of poverty and despair and violence. But to the vast majority of people who have never set foot in Haiti, "Hell" is the only word that can truly convey its condition of life.
This is where GHOSTS OF CITE SOLEIL takes place.

The reality of life today in Haiti unfolds before us as we get to know two brothers and their stories intimately. They are 2Pac and Bily, Haitian gang leaders who strive to make better choices in a world with no choices at all.
Through unprecedented access, we see the brothers' love and hatred for each other, their love triangle with Lele, a French relief worker, and their unsavory pact with President Aristide during his desperate grasp to maintain power in early 2004. Speaking the language of violence and knowing that staying alive in Haiti is a very day-to-day proposition, 2Pac and Bily struggle to find a better life for themselves and for their people.

GHOSTS OF CITÉ SOLEIL is the story of young armed men from the slum, being used for political purposes. It is a testament of desperate dreams in a ghetto world where dog eats dog. It is the story of a brother's love and a brother's hate. Cain and Abel. With hip-hop and rap music as an existential part of there desperate hope for survival in Cité Soleil,- the most dangerous place on earth.
(website Ghosts cite de Soleil)


Denmark, United States 2006, 86 min.


Spoken language: Haitian Creole, English, French

Subtitles: English

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+1 212-444-7900

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