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Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains

Jonathan Demme

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In 2006, former United States president and Nobel Prize winner Jimmy Carter saw the publication of his 21st book: Palestine: Peace not Apartheid. In this volume, Carter sets forth his controversial ideas for a possible solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Carter holds Israel responsible for the current political impasse, which brings him some fierce accusations. Director Demme follows Carter during a promotional campaign across the United States. What follows is an extensive and insightful biographical sketch of a man who never seeks the spotlight out of vanity, but even now, at the age of 82, unremittingly dedicates himself to humanitarian solutions. During the trip, Carter enters into discussions with adherents and opponents time and again. In addition, Man from Plains provides insight into Carter's political career and private life. It becomes clear that he professes his religious convictions not just in theory. Carter lives his personal conviction, day after day. (IDFA)


United States 2007, 128 min.


Spoken language: English

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Sony Pictures Classics


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Participant Productions

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