Justicia Now

Martin O'Brien / Robbie Proctor

European premiere

An oil-covered lizard is just one of the many victims of the environmental damage caused by oil corporation Chevron Texaco in the paradise-like Amazon. The local population is suffering severely from the dumped waste. The affected citizens, ‘los afectados’, decide to fight back.
When thinking of oil-related disasters you are likely to first think of birds drowned in oil. But it’s not just birds that are suffering from such environmental violations. The documentary Justicia Now shows a lizard, covered in oil. The animal is one of the numerous victims of the rash manner in which oil corporation Chevron Texaco has managed its affairs in the Amazon. The consequences of the oil pollution are disastrous. The area, once a paradise, has changed into
hell. The pollution has an enormous influence on the state of health of the local population. Leukaemia occurs four times more often in this region than in the rest of Ecuador. Villages
are being destroyed, the inhabitants have left or died. The affected citizens, los afectados, fight back. The oil company, however, denies any responsibility.


Ecuador 2007, 31 min.


Spoken language: English, Spanish

Subtitles: English

Official website: http://www.justicianow.org




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+1 510 547-3456/ +1 (415) 846-1554

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