A Lesson of Belorussian

Miroslaw Dembinski

Young activists in Belarus resist Aleksandr Loekasjenko's reign of terror. Franak Viacorka was born in Belarus in 1988, three years before the collapse of the Soviet-Union. As long as Franek can remember dictator Aleksandr Loekasjenko is in power. Franak's father was put in prison for his resistance against Loekasjenko. Yet Franak and his classmates stay politically active in the lyceum which was founded by his father and has gone underground in the meantime. Their protest is presented at a quick rate; on the street, in the sound studio and via internet. The (anti)climax follows in Minsk in March 2006 during the "election" demonstrations.


Poland 2006, 51 min.


Spoken language: Belorussian, Polish


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