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Carlos Cárdenas / Héctor Gálvez / Hector Galvez

On April 3rd 1983, members of ‘The Shining Path’ guerilla
movement ordered a bloodbath in the Peruvian village of
Lucanamarca. This documentary reconstructs the day 69 villagers lost their lives,and sketches a portrait of a society repressed for decades by The Shining Path’s brutal violence.
The 1983 massacre was in retaliation for the killing of a local member of the Maoist guerilla movement. As a result of the atrocities committed that day, 69 villagers lost their lives, including women,children and a baby. Nearly twenty years later, the Peruvian government calls for a truth and reconciliation committee to investigate the affair. In Lucanamarca survivors tell their story. Some of the villagers travel to Lima to present their eyewitness accounts to the courts. The deep emotional wounds caused by the events of1983 are clearly far from healed. Directors Héctor Galvez and Carlos Cárdenas not only depict the events of that terrible day in 1983, but they also sketch a portrait of a society repressed for decades by The Shining Path’s brutal violence.


Peru 2008, 54 min.


Spoken language: Spanish, Quechua

Subtitles: English

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