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No et moi

Zabou Breitman

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Gripping feature film based on the novel by French author Delphine de Vigan. The crib death of her baby brother has dramatically changed the family life of 13-year-old Lou. Ever since, the highly gifted girl likes to spend her afternoons at the train station to observe people. When she has to deliver a lecture at school, she chooses to interview a homeless girl who is only a few years older than herself. This is to be the beginning of a special friendship.



France 2010, 98 min.


Spoken language: French


France 3

33 1 42 30 2222

Dutch distribution:

Lumiere Publishing

+31 203031280

World sales:


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Human rights
children and youth
health, illness, addiction, medical ethics
house & land issues, evictions
sexual and reproductive issues
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