Nothing About Us

Marijn Poels

The film ‘Nothing About Us’ shows ten Dutch young people with a disability who travel to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, asking attention for the shocking position of their disabled counterparts in Ethiopia. The film begins with the meeting between the Dutch and twenty disabled young people from Ethiopia. Against the chaotic background of one of the largest cities of Africa the Dutch and Ethiopian youths practise martial arts and self defence in order to increase their empowerment

Eventually they give an unequalled show for thousands of visitors in the University Stadium of Addis Ababa, to prove that people with a disability are able to give a great performance. They can and will participate in society! ‘Nothing About Us’ shows foreign aid through the eyes of these disabled young people.

It presents a touching account of their lives, their doubts and their hopes. Heartbreaking and touching honesty causes unique experiences with their new Ethiopian friends, whose tough reality of a daily fight for existence is leaving them with an unforgettable impression. (


Netherlands, The 2009, 60 min.


Spoken language: Dutch, English, Amharic

Subtitles: Dutch

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