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Theme-based programmes & Specials

Each year the Movies that Matter Festival presents a wide array of theme-based programmes in combination with talk shows (Daily Matters) and debates. The festival also offers exhibition and music performances. The talk shows are FREE of charge and will be held at the VARA Stage at the foyer of Theater aan het Spui.

Refugees, the recap

On Saturday March 19th at 16.30 hrs former diplomat Petra Stienen will present the Daily Matters talkshow about refugees. After the world premiere of the Dutch documentary Vergeet Mij Niet, filmmaker Jan-Jaap Kuiper and Toon Peters, director of the elementary school from the film; De Verrekijker, will join the conversation about the Dutch refugee policy. Also a guest is Janine di Giovanni, A Matter of ACT activist from 7 Days in Syriashe will discuss the current situation in Syria and René Bruin from UNHCR will talk about the Turkey deal. Inbewteen there will be a musical performance by A Matter of ACT activist Sonita (Sonita). Also a guest the talkshow is Navanethem Pillay, honorable guest of A Matter of ACT, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the first non-white judge in South-Africa.

Fair deal

On Sunday March 20th at 16.30 hrs, after the screening of the documentary The True Cost, sustainable fashion and
lifestyle-expert Marieke Eyskoot will talk to de Schone Kleren Campagne. Shortly after the talk show, the FAIR FASION SHOW will take place, in cooperation with the ASN Bank, Refugee Company and various fair fashion labels, like Charlie + Mary. Also there will be a pop up store.

Gender & gay equality

Every year on the festival's menu: all around the world, there is a lot to improve when it comes to women's rights and those of LGBTI's. On Monday March 21st at 21.00 hrs 
the Daily Matters Talkshow GENDER & GAY EQUALITY will take place.  VARA-presenter Elena Lindemans will talk to a.o. Nanfu Wang, director of the film Hooligan Sparrow, about women's rights in China and Alex Bakker, co-producer and screenwriter for Transit Havana about transgenders in Cuba.

There will also be a musical intermezzo and a performance by a spoken word artist.
Around this theme the following films have been selected: 
A Sinner in Mecca, Transit Havana, Paradise, Hooligan Sparrow and Saudi Arabia: A Wind of Change

Look who's watching

To what extent do we have to worry about what governments know about us? Is it for our own safety that authorities watch our every move or is it a breach of privacy that undermines democracy? Presenter Bahram Sadeghi will talk about this on Tuesday March 22nd from 21.00 hrs, with Irina Nistor (from the documentary Chuck Norris vs. Communism), who dubbed American films that were being watched clandestinely during the Cold War, and whistle blower Bill Binney (from A Good American), former official at the National Security Agency.

Around this theme the following films have been selected:  A Good American, Deep Web, Chuck Norris vs Communism and The Propaganda Game

War & Peace

Unfortunately, films about war are still made but as long as there is no peace all around the world, that is a good thing. Presenter Bahram Sadeghi will present the Daily Matters War & Peace talkshow on Wednesday March 23rd at 21.00 hrs. The guests include activist Oleg Khabibrakhmanov (from Chechnya, War Without Trace), lawyer Anuol Deng from the film A Haunting History by Ilse and Femke van Velzen and activist Zahra Langhi about the current situation in Libia. 

here will also be a musical intermezzo and a performance by a spoken word artist.

Around this theme the following films have been selected: Motley's Law, Black Flag, The Diplomat, Alisa in Warland, 15 Minutes: The Dvor Massacre, Krigen; The Proscecutor, The Defender, His Father and His Son; A Haunting History and Chechnya: War Without Trace.

Freedom of Press

On Thursday March 24th at 21.00 hrs, filmmaker and VARA- presenter Elena Lindemans will discuss propaganda and freedom of speech with  Afghan photographers Farzana Wahidy and Massoud Hossaini (Frame by Frame), Fidan Ekiz (De Pen en het Zwaard) and Cathrine Gyldensted (constructive journalism).

Also there will be a short story by Anna Drobovolskaya from the Youth Human Rights Movement in Russia about how to deal with smear campagnes en propaganda in Russia.

Around this theme, the following films have been selected: The Propaganda Game, Frame by Frame, Chuck Norris vs Communism, Hooligan Sparrow and The Idealist.

Framing Focus

On Friday March 25th at 21.00 hrs director and VARA-presenter Elena Lindemans will talk with filmmakers about the process of making human rights films, at the Daily Matters FRAMING FOCUS. Guest are Patrick Reed, director of the documentary Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr, Manon Loizeau, director of Chechnya, War Without a Trace and Romany Saad, director of Tuk-Tuk.

Retrospective Tobias Lindholm

At this year's festival we will present two retrospectives. Besides the openingfilm Krigen, we will screen the thrilling fiction films Jagten, Kapringen and R, by renowned Danish filmdirector and screenwriter Tobias Lindholm.

Retrospective Retel Helmrich

The swirling triology De Stand van de Zon, De Stand van de Maan and De Stand van de Sterren by Dutch director Leonard Retel Helmrich will be screened, in which the filmmaker portrays Indonesia on the basis of funny and moving daily matters of the family Sjamsuddin. The three films will be screened on Saturday March 26th from 11.45 hrs in Filmhuis Den Haag 5, with a masterclass of the filmmaker afterwards. 


On Wednesday the 23rd of March 2016, from 5.00 till 6.45 PM, Hivosand the Movies that Matter Festival will organise a special event about Libya at Filmhuis 5.

After the screening of the film Justice for Salwa, we will talk with Libyan human rights activist Zahra’ Langhi (Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace), Tweede Kamerlid Sjoerd Sjoerdsma (D66) and journalist Gerbert van der Aa. The event will be moderated by Mirthe Frese (De Balie). There will be an introduction to the film by Jette van der Schatte Olivier from Hivos.

The discussion afterwards will be focussed on the current power relations in Libya, the role of the international community and the role of civil society (women activists in particular).

Want to be there? Please subscribe here. 

View Zahra’ Langhi’s TED Talk here.

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