Serious Gaming

Serious games are games that deal with real-life matters such as human rights, politics and the environment. Typical game elements such as the use of violence, a slick setting and calculated risk playfully confront users with complex problems.

Peacemaker, for example, is a simulation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which gamers have to choose one side, with all responsibilities this entails. A realistic and difficult game full of ethical dilemmas. Is it morally responsible, however, to present complex issues in the form of entertainment? Serious Gaming goes to the edge.

During this festival week the brand-new game Collapsus has its premiere, too. Collapsus aims at creating awareness about the transition to alternative energy sources that will take place in the coming decades. What consequences, opportunities, threats and dilemmas will this revolution involve?

Collapsus is a complex online media environment rather than a game. Fictitious characters, archive footage and interactive elements treat the user to an exciting and innovative online experience.

For Energy Risk (a television programme from the ‘Tegenlicht' series, broadcast on Monday 22 March at 8.55 p.m., Nederland 2), VPRO Television worked together with the International Energy Programme developed by the Netherlands Institute of International Relations "Clingendael". The film sheds light on future tensions and conflicts that may develop over energy supply. Against the backdrop of a hypothetical natural gas crisis (that erupts in Uzbekistan) and a fictitious terrorist attack in the Strait of Hormuz, energy expert Coby van der Linde and international experts in the field of geopolitics discuss the possible impacts of 'supply disruption'. What emerges is a Risk-like world of states and continents that protect their interests, and those that face energy shortage. A true wake-up call for Europe. And hopefully also for the Netherlands.

Opening hours

As of 21 March until the end of the Movies that Matter Festival, the Serious Games can be played every day from 5 to 10 p.m. and on Sunday 28 March from 2 p.m, in ZAAL5.


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