No Rio e no Mar!: Q&A with activist Eliete Paraguassu, lawyer Marcos and director Floor Koomen

No Rio e no Mar!

Language: Engels


Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - 15:00
Zaal 5, Filmhuis Den Haag

After the screening  professor Kees Konings will talk to activist Eliete Paraguassu, lawyer Marcos Souza Brandão and director Floor Koomen.

Eliete Paraguassu, from the documentary No Rio e no Mar! is one of the leaders of the local Fisherman’s Union on the Brazilian island of Maré. She dedicates her life to the preservation of the traditional quilombola fishermen’s culture in the Bay of All Saints in the State of Bahia. This black culture is threatened by reckless petrochemical industrial activities. ‘They have no idea how painful the life of a fisherwoman in the mangrove is. Nobody knows how much pain the destruction of the sandbanks causes our communities.’ Read more.

Lawyer Marcos Souza Brandão, who is portrayed in the film, helps the fishermen community.

Floor Koomen 
is filmmaker.

Kees Koonings is Professor of Brazilian Studies at the University of Amsterdam and member of the CEDLA teaching and research staff. He is also an Associate Professor in Development Studies and Latin American Studies in the department of Anthropology at Utrecht University.