A157: Q&A with director Behrouz Nooranipoor en Judit Neurink


Language: Engels


Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 18:30
Zaal 5, Filmhuis Den Haag

Moderator Chris Keulemans speaks with director Behrouz Nooranipour and journalist Judit Neurink about the crimes against the Kurdish Yazidi community, the terror of ISIS and the current situation at the border of Turkey and Syria.

In his film A157 Behrouz Nooranipour portrays the suffering of three Yazidi girls living in a refugee camp.

Since 2008, Journalist Judit Neurink lives in Suleymania. Neurink wrote several articles for Trouw about Kurdistan, ISIS and the refugee crisis. She is author of the books De Oorlog van ISIS (The War of ISIS) and De Vrouwen van het Kalifaat (The Women of the Caliphate).