City 40: Q&A with director Samira Goetschel

City 40

Language: Engels


Monday, March 27, 2017 - 18:30
Theater aan het Spui Kleine Zaal

Q&A with director Samira Goetschel about secret cities and the Russian nuclear weapon production.

After the film Faiza Oulahsen (campaigner at Greenpeace) speaks with activist Nadezhda Kutepova and director Samira Goetschel about the secret city of Ozjorsk, nuclear weapon production and the consequences for humans and nature.

Unfortunately, ativist Nadezhda Kutepova is not able to attend the festival.

Nadezhda Kutepova is born in the secret Russian city of Ozjorsk, a ‘heavenly’ place that, for a long time, could not be found on any map. As seen in City 40, men, women and children live behind barbed wire and under the gaze of armed guards. When Kutepova learns the truth of her city, however, she decides to bring the truth out and help the people of Ozjorsk in the fight against the Russian state. Read more about Nadezhda Kutepova and watch a short clip.