The 10 Conditions of Love - Panel discussion

10 Conditions of Love, The
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vrijdag 26 maart 2010 - 19:15

After the film, journalist Garrie van Pinxteren will interview Uyghur activist Rebiya Kadeer about her ongoing fight for the rights of the Uyghur people. Director Jeff Daniels and Alim Seytoff, head of the Uyghur American Association, will also take part in the discussion.

Rebiya Kadeer was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in China. In 1995, she was invited to a women’s conference in Beijing, where, according to Kadeer, she was used her as merely a nice ornamental addition. After that event, she spoke openly in the Political Consultative Conference of the People’s Republic of China about repression and the rights of the Uyghur people. In reaction to her critical words, she received six years of Chinese captivity under atrocious conditions. She was eventually allowed to leave the country due to poor health, but not before swearing ‘to no longer undermine Chinese values’.

Rebiya now lives in the US and campaigns constantly for her cause. As a direct result, four of her children still living in Uyghuristan have been arrested. Now she faces a dramatic dilemma: stop campaigning in the hope that her children might be released, or continue on behalf of all her people. With deep pain in her heart, but filled with conviction, she chooses the latter.


Rebiya Kadeer

Activist and former prisoner of conscience Rebiya Kadeer (1947) was once a successful and respected businesswoman in China, until she refused to repudiate critical statements made by her husband. Already living in the US, her husband was an advocate for the Uighur people. In siding with him, Rebiya lost her status and was ultimately sentenced to eight years in prison for sending newspaper clippings to the US. Jeff Daniels' film The 10 Conditions of Love is about Rebiya's life and her fight against the repression of the Uighur people.


Garrie van Pinxteren

After earning a university degree in Chinese, Garrie van Pinxteren worked as a translator and interpreter. She has been living in China for the past eight years, where she has worked as a correspondent for Dutch newspapers and TV stations (NRC Handelsblad, NOS, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep and VRT). She currently works for the NOS Journaal news reporting agency.