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Sisters in Law - Q&A with Kim Longinotto

Sisters in Law
Voertaal: English

When & where?

vrijdag 25 maart 2011 - 12:30

Multimedia artist and activist Shailoh Phillips interviews director Kim Longinotto.


British filmmaker Kim Longinotto (London, 1952) strongly feels it is her duty to denounce injustice, treating controversial topics with sensitivity and empathy. Her films show ordinary women engaged in extraordinary efforts to put an end to sex stereotyping.


Shailoh Phillips, who calls herself a ‘constructive troublemaker', has specialised in cultural antropology, philosophy and culture. Her music and web projects, films, paintings and writings push back the frontiers ‘between theory and real-life'.

As co-founder of Studio Babel and the Aporia Foundation, Shailoh Phillips can best be described as a multimedia artist and activist. Van Gogh Everywhere and The Troublemakers are two of her interactive, online projects.

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