Budrus – Debate

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When & where?

dinsdag 29 maart 2011 - 19:15

Debate on the importance and limitations of non-violent resistance. With Palestinian peace activist Ayed Morrar, his daughter and activist Iltezam Morrar, and producer Jessica Devaney. Led by conflict analyst Lambrecht Wessels.

In 2002, the Israeli government decided to build a wall hundreds of kilometres long, partly on Palestinian land. Prime Minister Sharon said the wall was necessary to protect the people from terrorists. In some place, the barrier was planned to run straight through Palestinian villages, a move that led to many (productive) protests.

Ayed Morrar initiated a peaceful movement protesting the Israeli wall. Supported by his fellow villagers, he organised more than 45 non-violent demonstrations; in the end, Budrus was able to keep its olive groves. Encouraging other villages in similar struggles, the Palestinian also took part in other peaceful demonstrations against the wall.

His daughter, Iltezam Morrar, started a women's movement in the village when she was 15 years old. Her heroic actions, throwing herself through the police barricade to stop a bulldozer, were a source of inspiration for the entire village.

Jessica Devaney is the Communications and Production Manager at Just Vision, a non-profit organisation that researches, documents and creates media about Palestinian and Israeli civilians working non-violently to resolve the conflict. As the associate producer and assistant editor on Budrus, she was closely involved in making the documentary.