Weapon of War - Panel discussion

Weapon of War
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When & where?

zaterdag 27 maart 2010 - 14:30

Following the film Fighting the Silence in which Femke and Ilse van Velzen looked at the victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, their film Weapon of War shifts to focus on the perpetrators.

The film will be followed by a debate with Ilse en Femke van Velzen and Helen O'Neill prompted by thought-provoking questions. Helen O’Neill is an operational advisor to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and has spent a great deal of time working in Congo.


Why do NGO's pay so little attention to offenders, many of whom suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder? And how is it possible for rape to take place on such a widespread scale in society, continuing and even increasing in frequency? Interestingly, attempts at reconciliation between perpetrator and victim are commonplace. In the film, one woman receives a young pig as compensation from the man who raped her. But wouldn’t a healthy justice system be a much better means of restoration? Would it not also be a more effective tool to prevent sexual violence?

Moderator is Ruth Hopkins.