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Children of War
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dinsdag 29 maart 2011 - 19:00

After the film a debate will take place, focusing on usefulness and necessity of psychosocial programmes in (post)conflict areas, with special attention for different methodologies and their effectiveness, from both an individual and a community approach.

With Jane Ekayu, Frere Emmanuel Ntakarutimana, David Majur and Marjolein van Duijl. Moderated by Peter Ventevogel

Jane Ekayu from Uganda; child trauma counsellor & human rights defender featured in Children of War.


Fr. Emmanuel Ntakarutimana is the director of Centre Ubuntu in Burundi, which uses psychosocial programmes in Burundi to detect the roots, the historical cultural patterns and dynamics that are vital for the consolidation of peace and reconciliation in Burundi. He holds a Doctorate of theology with a focus on Fundamental and Political Theology. Centre Ubuntu and War Trauma Foundation, together with the South-African psychologist Dr. Yvonne Sliep, developed and implemented "narrative theatre" programmes in war affected communities, contributing to the rebuilding and strengthening of social structures, dialogue and wellbeing.

David Majur from South Sudan; formerly abducted by the rebels from the Sudanese People Liberation Army, and currently instructor for War Child in the Netherlands.

Marjolein van Duijl from the Netherlands (to be confirmed); psychiatrist with experience in working with people in Netherlands as well as Uganda. Also researcher in trauma in Uganda.

Moderator: Peter Ventevogel from the Netherlands; psychiatrist and anthropologist with experience in working with people in the Netherlands, Burundi and Afghanistan.

This programme is supported by War Trauma Foundation:

War Trauma Foundation is dedicated to the realisation of hope, peace of mind, and the full potential of individuals and communities impacted by individual and collective trauma in low and middle income countries. WTF works towards its vision together with local organisations in development and exchange of knowledge, capacity development and innovation in psychosocial support. This vision is achieved through technical training and supervision, financial support, development and promotion of local and regional networks, and compilation and dissemination of knowledge and experience in several languages. WTF implements programmes in partnership with European based (I)NGOs, academic institutions and local organisations in the Northern Caucasus, Kosovo, Great Lakes Africa, Middle East and Sri Lanka.