Our School - Gypsy Sunday Afternoon

Our School

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zondag 25 maart 2012 - 15:30

Spectacular Sunday afternoon with the film Our School  from Romanian documentary filmmaker and human rights activist Mona Nicoara.   
An afternoon with film, debate, live performance and the presentation of a brand new CD produced by Amnesty International:  Listen to Roma rights.


The panel will be about the position of Roma in the European Community. Are the issues raised in the film, issues of prejudice and segregation, specific to the Balkan, or do the problems expand beyond national borders? What view does the European government in Brussels take of these problems? With Mona Nicoara, KAL frontman Dragan Ristic, led by Bahram Sadeghi. 


Director Mona Nicoara has been a human rights activist in Romania since 1989, when dictator Ceausescu’s regime was overthrown. She started her film career as co-producer of Edet Belzberg’s film Children Underground, which was nominated for an Oscar.


Dragan Ristic is the lead singer of the seven-man Romani (gypsy) band Kal from Belgrade, Serbia. This young rock band blends traditional Balkan music with Middle Eastern, Turkish and Jamaican influences. Dragan Ristic is politically and socially engaged in the war against prejudice and anti-Roma sentiments. Dragan and his brother Dušan founded the Amala Summer School in Serbia, offering a workshop on the Roma language, history, culture and political power.


Bahram Sadeghi is an Iranian-Dutch freelance director and presenter. He also writes articles for various national newspapers and organises debates. Sadeghi started working for the VPRO Dutch broadcasting company in 1998, as an editor on the show Waskracht, later making his own programmes for the VPRO. Starting in 2002, he joined forces with Gideon Levy to form the ‘Levy&Sadeghi’ reporting duo. In their most recent piece, entitled ‘De Lobbyisten’ (The Lobbyists), they show a different side of the American presidential elections.