Special Flight - Debate

Special Flight

When & where?

vrijdag 23 maart 2012 - 20:30

Debate about the Dutch asylum policy with Jean-Michel Claude, director of the Frambois detention centre in Switzerland, former asylum-seeker Pitchou Kitima, Anton van Kalmthout, Erik Nijman and Sharon Gesthuizen, chaired by Ton van der Ham.


Jean-Michel Claude is the director of the Frambois administrative detention centre near Geneva, Switzerland. He opened the doors of the Swiss detention centre to a camera crew.


Congolese asylum-seeker Pitchou Kitima once lived in the Frambois centre. He now has a residence permit for Switzerland.


Anton van Kalmthout is professor emeritus of Immigration Law at the University of Amsterdam.


Erik Nijman is the director of the Special Provisions Sector of the Ministry of Safety & Justice.


Sharon Gesthuizen is a Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party in the Netherlands. She frequently expresses support for better conditions for asylum-seekers in detention. Before entering Parliament, she was a board member of the Dutch National Student Union (LSVb) and an independent video producer.


Zembla journalist Ton van der Ham has a list of credits that includes a broadcast on the detention of irregular migrants and asylum-seekers.